Purchasing power to the people!

Earn "free money" by responding to ads

You find the Freecoin button on all types of websites.

They have in common that they offer something valuable:
Content • Products • Services

You can buy these things with Freecoins ...

... without spending your own, real money!

Some sites only ask for a donation. Why not? It costs you nothing :-)

Start earning Freecoins now

Freecoin fulfills three wishes at once

The Freecoin System is good for the users. But it's also good for websites and advertisers.

❶ Users get "free money" and lots of spending power
❷ A new business model and an new source of income for the media and all other websites
❸ Non-noisy, highly efficient advertising that gets the customer to actually do something

Plus one MORE big wish ...

The Freecoin System is different: It was created to support the media, ensure free access to information, enhance diversity, support democracy and cultural expressions - and the society as a whole. So - join the movement - act now!

"The Freecoin system" interconnects SITES, USERS and ADVERTISERS in a new way.
The result: Obvious benefits for all. Here is HOW it works »

What's in it for websites?

They earn money. New money. Take a look at this animation »

Why should advertisers participate?

Todays advertising is complicated and very inefficient. The Freecoin System offers a better way. Take a look at these two animations: The problem »| Our solution »

The user, like you, gets them from advertisers and may spend them on "buttonsites".
A Freecoin is a carrier of value, like a coupon. Users get them for free for performing ad-actions and spend them easily. There is more where they come from.
What is a Freecoin actually worth? 1 Freecoin = 1 Euro. Advertisers pay in Euros and buttonsites are compensated in Euros.

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